The GEM Team Real estate isn’t just our job — It’s our FIRST LOVE.  What does GEM stand for? It stands for Gizo & Elena, the Matchmakers.

Together, Gizo and Elena LOVE matching people to their “just right” home. They know that finding a house is a very personal and emotional process. That’s why they’re committed to finding you real GEMs… instead of just looking. In fact, Gizo is known for saying:  Seeing a house is like going on a date… a House Date. You just KNOW when you’ve found “the rig ht one” — and you fall in love. Something speaks to you from deep within. Gizo and Elena’s underlying passion for Real Estate is evident in their energetic, can-do attitudes. And their sincere desire to use their time and talents to help others is apparent. In fact, the entire GEM Team’s business acumen,unparalleled responsiveness, and sincere commitment to you and your needs — combined with their outstanding social media savvy — are just a few of the many reasons they continue to win recognition and industry awards within the Wausau community year after year.

They’re here to help you START YOUR OWN STORY of how you  FELL IN LOVE with your new home. So how did The GEM Team’s story begin? Read on…

Our Story

In 2005 — keeping with her family’s long history of 30+ years in the Real Estate industry — Elena became a Real Estate professional. A year later, Gizo fell in love with the industry himself and became a licensed Real Estate Broker.  Since 2008, Gizo and Elena have been part of Coldwell Banker Action Realty. in 2018 Gizo Ujarmeli, Elena Naschke and Paul Anderson started AMAXIMMO, LLC - First Class in Real Estate.

Gizo and Elena’s GEM Team has become a successful multi-million-dollar company committed to helping families achieve their Real Estate dreams. In fact, The GEM Team has helped nearly 620  families to find their own unique “GEM House” and has achieved over $125,000,000 million in sales volume since the team’s formation in 2010.

The GEM Team of Real Estate professionals among the most innovative and successful in the Wausau Area.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your commercial or residential Real Estate dreams.

The GEM Team
"When Moving is not just a Change of Place"